How I set up my planners.

How I set up my planners.

If you are new to the planner community... welcome! Planning can be very fun and overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is FUN FUN FUN!


Planning, like everything else, everyone has their own style and needs from their planner. I was a very simple planner when I started, I must admit, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a planner community.

How I set up my planner.

  • Inbox
  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly calendar
  • Notes
  • Finances; spending tracker etc
  • Wellness; Mood tracker, Fitness tracker etc


I love looking at a calendar and figuring out what days I am free and what days I am not available. Monthly calendar gives me a general overview of what is happening that month; birthday's, bills due, special events, travels etc...


Weekly allows you to break down further what your week will look like. When I was working, weekly was everything, between meetings and personal commitments, I would transfer my outlook calendar to my weekly inserts/planner and have an overview of what my week would look like and where and when I could squeeze in a personal or professional appointment.


I take my planner everywhere, I use this to jot down notes in a meeting or write things down when I am out an about. I don't need to carry an extra little notebook, there is a place in my planners for notes and I could always reference back on a sunday when I plan out my week. I always have sticky notes on hand, they are wonderful to have to leave a note or just to give yourself a reminder.


My finance section is pretty basic, my goal really here is to write down money going out or coming in (mostly going out), I like to track how many times I fill up my car and the cost (this would help me budget more accurately for next month), if I went out and bought lunch or dinner. It really is just a habit for me to write down everything I spent money on (even recurring bills such as Hulu, Netflix, Spotify or Apple Music).


I started wellness with just a log tracking my fitness program, the workouts and my weight and food. Wellness now has expanded to beyond fitness. I love this section because it reminds you that it is important to take good care of yourself. Log your mood, sleep (this is so important) your menstrual cycle, your meals (if you are trying to lose weight, eat healthier or on a elimination diet) and my favorite part is write a line a day; that usually is my poshfirmation (affirmation for the day).

Your planners can do so much for you, more than keeping your schedule and keeping you on time. And what is great is that you can customized it to however way you want and suits your needs.

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