Planner Hopping

Planner Hopping

To hop or not to hop…

With the vast style of planners out there, the temptation to hop is a challenge! We all have our favourite style of planning - the one we buy every year around September when all the shops flood us with choice! But fast forward to February, we tend to question our decisions hence, planner hopping begins.

Saying this, I have only planner hopped once in the past three years. I love my rings and I love the inserts in my rings. I haven’t changed my ring planning style at all. But for memory keeping I started with hobonichi weeks then got tempted by another brand but made a full circle back to hobonichi weeks.

Planner hopping gives you the experience of why one style of planner or planning may be your OG! It allows you to explore other beautiful papers and how your pen writes on those papers… it gives you an understanding of what formats work for you and what doesn’t.

It can be an expensive journey, but it brings us joy! So as summer is upon us, I know many of us may have settled fully into our 2024 style and probably dreaming about the 2025 planners. The question I’ll leave you with is, when you hop what do you do with all the empty space?
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