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📿 Bunny Planner Tail 📿
📿 Bunny Planner Tail 📿

📿 Bunny Planner Tail 📿

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📿 This listing is for ONE Silver Bunny Planner Tail.

📿 Please note that all planner tails/charms are handmade, so there will be slight variation.

📿 Planner tails or charms are designed to fit and decorate various TN size or ring planners.

📿 If you need a specific size for your TN, please make a note of the size needed when at checkout.

📿  All TN sizes are fitted to hang over one dashboard. All ring planner tails are all fitted to loop and tie over one of the rings of your planner. 

📿 Please note that these are designed to be dangles and they are to be hanging off your planner (like a pair of dangling earrings), many of the beads or materials I use are made of glass and crystals.

📿  These may shatter and break if dropped onto hard surfaces. Please handle them with care. We are not responsible for any beads that are broken post-shipment.