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Kuboandlucy x Dana Ate Oatmeal Kubo Cafe Sticker Sheet

Kuboandlucy x Dana Ate Oatmeal Kubo Cafe Sticker Sheet

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  • Exclusive art illustrated by Dana Ate Oatmeal for Kuboandlucy Stationery Co
  • 3.25 x 7.25 inch sticker sheet
  • Available in Washi Sticker Paper or P.E.T Matte Clear Sticker
  • Perfect for all planners, journals or add a little personality to your letters or gift wrapping
  • Designed in Connecticut
  • Made in Japan
  • Shipped from Los Angeles

Dana is a pediatric nurse practitioner as well as a  talented illustrator, who currently residing in Connecticut.

Her journey in art began with crafting postcards for distant friends and family. Growing up with frequent relocations, Dana understands the joy that receiving snail mail from loved ones can bring. Her art, often featuring whimsical slice-of-life scenes and panel art, is a reflection of this sentiment. Dana’s work is a heartwarming blend of reality and fantasy.

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