Forgotten Stationery

The Forgotten Stationery


You might wonder what I mean when I say the forgotten stationery, but in my opinion it’s the stationery we’ve bought, maybe opened maybe not… and tucked it away in one of drawers. I have come to a realization that I want to use my stationery as much as possible, even if that’s one sticker from a sticker sheet - at least it’s in use. I do have a personal rule, if I don’t reach for something for more than 6 months then I don’t need it. I tend to do a clear out every 6 months and re-home all the forgotten stationery via destashes or gift them to friends and family. There are exceptions to this rule; a rare planner cover or an expensive pen, they have a 2 year expiry date!

Although accumulating stationery isn’t a negative action. However, the whole point of buying stationery is so you can use it, create with it and potentially share that creation with the world. It feels satisfying to know that everything I have is in use. Or at least I know exactly what I have and I have intentions of using it somehow…

My question to you, do you know exactly what stationery items you own? Or have you forgotten some special gems? Why don’t you use this opportunity to dig out those lovely items and put in use.

Rose ♡.

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