Realistic planning vs social media planning.

Apologies for my absence - writing should have been a weekly action, not every three months! Today I want to talk about realistic planning and social media planning. I’ll give you my definition of each; social media planning in my view is the picture perfect planning - or Instagram worthy planning. Realistic planning entails all the scribbles in various notebooks, planners and dare I say the reminder app on our phones!

I was presented with my first diary or planner in year 6 (6th grade for you non brits) - this was such a creative outlet for me. I would take out all my stickers and colouring pencils on Sunday, ensuring the theme varied each week! My love for planners initiated at the age of 10! Fast forward 20 years with the immense advancement of technology, I still get an adrenaline rush during physical planning time! However, the addition of social media has added a little twist into my planning routine.

I reflect on my social media behaviour every month - which is why I use this social media calendar in my planner. I want to know how much of my planning is real vs how much is done for the sake of uploading a picture. Last year I went through a phase of uploading every day - putting pressure on myself to do extra planning and journaling just to make sure the days of the month is filled with an upload. But this year I took a step back and minimised the amount of dashboards, dividers or inserts in my planner. I ask myself regularly - if Instagram didn’t exist would you have this number of inserts / planners? If I answer no, then I am planning for Instagram posts. Although this might be absolutely fine for most of us, but I know it can turn my hobby into a chore!

My question to you, how often do you get engulfed with the number of likes / comments on social media? Does it impact the way you plan?

Have a lovely day!

Rose ♡

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