How to incorporate journaling into your daily life:

How to avoid obstacles that stop you from daily journaling

Hello everyone, my name is Rose. I have been fortunate to be part of KuboandLucy for over a year and now Yushing, wanted to initiate a 2024 project; blogging. This journey is new for both of us, so let’s go through it together along with Kubo and Lucy!

Today’s topic is about incorporating journaling into your daily life. Journaling is a method of printing your thoughts onto paper or electronic devices. A way to close the open tabs inside your brain and release the burden of several unspoken thoughts. I tend to journal when I feel overwhelmed, excited or simply want to record a moment in life! I think when life becomes busy we lose the habit of daily journaling and though that is ok, it’s important to remember you can restart at any moment in life.

So rule number one, don’t set boundaries when it comes to choosing when and how to journal, pick up any of your beautiful notebooks and start. It doesn’t have to be new year, new month or new week! The moment you feel you need to write something, simply write! Sometimes I write my thoughts onto a sticky notepad or I grab my phone and go into the Notes app. You can always make it look pretty later; this leads us to rule number two; don’t feel the pressure of making your journaling pretty or ‘social media’ worthy. Journaling tends to be a private reflection of your own thoughts, make it comfortable not compulsion.

Finally, feel free when you journal - this is your platform to write whatever comes to mind. It is up to you whether you want to write one sentence or fill out pages and pages. Occasionally, I have nothing to write other than a meaningful quote!

There you have it, three simple rules avoid the obstacles, I understand there may be many more! But following these rules should allow you to transcribe your thoughts onto paper.

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